Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana regulations change frequently which can make it difficult for you to understand your rights and legal options. We understand the challenge involved in navigating the laws, rules, and regulations in your area of California. These challenges extend to dispensaries, patients, doctors, growers, primary caregivers, and other service providers working with or using marijuana. We provide thorough and aggressive legal representation for clients who may be facing drug related criminal charges and work diligently to stay current with the ever changing marijuana laws.

Medical Marijuana Charges

Throughout California police and prosecutors are continuing to target the medical marijuana community, as a result we have seen a rise in marijuana arrests. These marijuana drug charges can apply to:

Under Proposition 215, patients who possess a valid recommendation for medical marijuana may possess and cultivate it for their own personal use. Doctors have often recommended marijuana to patients suffering from cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, serious injury, and chronic pain. However, the laws regulating medical marijuana in California change frequently, which makes it a necessity to have a criminal defense attorney who understands medical marijuana laws and will protect your rights.

It is often individuals who do not possess a current medical marijuana card or have more marijuana than they are allowed to possess who face prosecution. A majority of these cases tend to be charges of possession, cultivation, distribution, or intent to sell. What may seem like a minor drug related crime could lead to a permanent criminal record. Despite the laws in place that protect certain individuals who lawfully possess marijuana, you can still face serious criminal charges.

Marijuana DUI

Even if you have a legal recommendation to use and possess medical marijuana it is still against the law to drive while under the influence of a narcotic. If you are arrested or charged with suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana you can face severe penalties similar to those associated with an alcohol related DUI.

With marijuana DUI the officer and the prosecution must be able to prove that you were impaired at the time of the traffic stop. It is possible to have charges dropped or even reach a not guilty verdict if reasonable doubt can be established in regards to your impairment. Tests for marijuana in the system, whether through blood or urine, can only test for the presence of marijuana metabolites. However, these levels do not always prove that you were under the influence at the time of your arrest or citation.

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