Fresno Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence is a serious crime and domestic violence charges will require the services of an experienced domestic violence lawyer. When police receive a domestic violence call, they will often arrest the person being accused of domestic abuse, even if the one charged with abuse did nothing wrong. Often times, all it takes is an upset spouse to pick up a phone, and your life could be turned upside down. A Fresno Criminal Attorney can help you.

Why you need an expert domestic violence attorney

Laws today make it easy to accuse someone of domestic violence and extremely difficult for the person who was accused to clear his or her name. Often times, jealousy of a spouse, rage, or even unhappiness can result in a domestic violence charge.

If you have been charged with domestic abuse you could face severe penalties including a restraining order which could keep you from seeing your children or family and may also face jail time. That is why you need one of Fresno’s best domestic violence defense attorneys in your corner.

Life after a domestic violence conviction

Even if you have been convicted of a domestic violence charge, all is not lost. Gregory W. Fox is an experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight to keep you out of jail and reduce your penalties whenever possible. Alternatives to incarceration include electronic monitoring, anger management classes, community service, and house arrest. Negotiating one of these options will keep you out of jail and free to continue working.

Owning a gun after a domestic violence conviction

If you have been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence you will be prohibited from owning a gun or ammunition in California for a period of ten (10) years. However, if your conviction meets the criteria for the Lautenberg Amendment, you may face a lifetime ban. For more information, please read our article Can I buy a gun after a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence?

Expungement of domestic violence in California

Depending on the circumstances of your case it may be possible to have a domestic violence conviction expunged from your record. In California, domestic violence charges are known as “wobblers”, meaning they can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor. If your case is expunged it means that your case will be dismissed and a previously entered plea of guilty or no contest will be removed, and a new plea of not guilty will be entered in its place. Expungement of a domestic violence conviction can be a benefit to those seeking employment, housing, or educational opportunities.

Fresno domestic violence lawyer

The Law Office of Gregory W. Fox has the experience and resources you need in fighting a domestic abuse charge. Mr. Fox will fight for your rights from arraignment to trial, helping to clear your name and reunite you with your family. Contact domestic violence lawyer Gregory W. Foxtoday at (559) 222-5800 to schedule your free consultation, in most instances an appointment can be made for the same day.

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