Wet Reckless

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It is possible that you have heard the term “wet reckless” yet don’t fully understand what it means. In California, if you are arrested for a DUI it does not mean that you have to be convicted of that charge. The goal of an experienced Fresno DUI attorney is to fight to have your charges dismissed, however, this may not always be possible, but there are alternatives. When fighting a DUI case you may be able to obtain a reduced charge with a reduced sentence.

You may have heard this referred to as DUI plea bargaining and it typically involves negotiations to get the charges reduced to:

  • A California “wet reckless”
  • A California “dry reckless”
  • Exhibition of speed
  • Drunk in public (Penal Code 647(f))
  • Traffic infractions

The “wet reckless” charge is typically the most common reduced DUI charge and we will explain it further below.

California Wet Reckless

The California “wet reckless” relates to Vehicle Code 23103, per 23103.5 VC. A California “wet reckless” is typically the first level of DUI reduction that will be offered by the prosecution. The term “wet reckless” refers to the fact you were involved in a drug or alcohol related driving offense. You cannot be arrested for a “wet reckless”; it is only offered as part of a plea bargain in place of a DUI.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Wet Reckless

A “wet reckless” has advantages and drawbacks and they are based entirely on the circumstances related to your DUI case. Some of the advantages of a “wet reckless” include:

  • No mandatory sentencing enhancements for repeat offenders
  • Possible shorter county jail sentence
  • Possible shorter probation period
  • Lesser fines
  • No mandatory license suspension

While there are positives to a “wet reckless”, there are a few areas where a “wet reckless” has its drawbacks. Disadvantages include:

  • The wet reckless will still count as a prior meaning any subsequent DUIs will have harsher penalties.
  • You may still lose your license.
  • You may face issues with your insurance company.

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