Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle accidents can be extremely serious due to the fact that riders do not have the same protective elements in place that many motorists have in newer, more technologically advanced vehicles. Motorcyclists are largely exposed and even when wearing an appropriate helmet and protective riding gear can suffer serious injuries if involved in an accident. In fact, motorcyclists remain at risk for some of the most severe injuries out of any group of motorists that uses our roads and highways.

Driver negligence and motorcycle accidents

Aggressive driving, distracted driving, reckless driving, and other forms of negligent behavior by other drivers can put motorcyclists at serious risk for injury and even death. According to statistics provided by the United States Department of Transportation in just over ten years the amount of motorcycles on the road increased by 63%. Sadly, the amount of fatalities more than doubled during that same period of time.

Most of us commute frequently enough to notice that efforts are being made to improve the safety of our roads. However, motorcycle riders are often at a greater risk because they are sharing the road with larger vehicles. It has been reported by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety that over the past 35 years the majority of motorcycle fatalities that occur are the result of multiple vehicle crashes, with many being the result of a vehicle crashing with a motorcycle. Injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents can forever change the lives of those who are injured.

Motorcycle accidents can have life changing impact

Motorcycle accidents can cause severe injuries which can lead to substantial medical expenses. Injuries can also result in the inability to work which can cause a significant financial strain on both the injured individual and their family. Because motorcycle riders are so exposed, common injuries include:

  • Fractures
  • Lacerations
  • Brain Injury
  • Back Injury
  • Neck Injury
  • Loss of Limbs
  • Death

In fact, based on a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the most common injury sustained in a motorcycle accident was a lower extremity injury, such as the leg, also referring to body areas including and below the pelvic region such as the hip, pelvis, legs, knees, ankles and feet. Based on this study, it was reported that 47% of the injured motorcyclists had at least one lower body injury.

Injuries to the upper body and head were often more serious in nature, with head injuries being amongst the most severe. Head injuries are extremely serious because of the chance of traumatic brain injury which can result in long lasting effects on the victim’s quality of life.

Medical bills from these injuries can be extremely expensive. In fact, hospital charges alone can often exceed $60,000 which does not include costs that were incurred after being released which can be substantial. When you’re injured in a motorcycle accident all of the costs related to your immediate medical care required after your accident as well as care that will be needed in the future should be taken into consideration. When working with a motorcycle accident lawyer it is important that you discuss methods to recover the maximum compensation available to you. If you’ve been injured, contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer today!

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