Highway and Interstate Car Accidents

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It is no secret that California has a high volume of traffic, one of the major complaints you hear while traveling throughout the state is in regards to the busy highways and interstates, especially when you are up north in the Bay Area or down south around Los Angeles. With so many highways criss-crossing the state you tend to see high traffic, large trucks, and an increased likelihood for traffic accidents. Typically highways allow an increased speed limit compared to those of city streets, with higher speeds and more vehicles traveling these roads, it can be dangerous to commute.

Serious Accidents

California has thousands of miles of interstate and highways and ranks with Illinois and Texas for the most in the nation. When you consider that, it is easy to see that drivers throughout California account for millions of miles traveled on a daily basis. Highway accidents have a larger capacity to cause serious injury or death because higher speeds are typically involved as well as a higher volume of traffic. Highway accidents often account for a large percentage of all of the accidents that result in injury or death.

In addition to the higher speeds and increased amount of traffic, the large amount of commercial and cargo truck traffic can create dangerous conditions. While large trucks are not involved in a majority of the highway traffic accidents that occur, they are responsible for a larger percentage of fatalities that occur, typically involving the occupants of other vehicles.

Speed Impacts on Highway Accidents

As mentioned, traffic accidents on interstates and highways tend to be more deadly due to the speed involved in these types of crashes. Due to the higher rate of speed the impact is more severe when an accident occurs (known as crash energy). It does not matter if you are a skilled driver, when the speed of the vehicle increases, so to does the severity of the crash.

You should consider the following three elements:

Stopping distance – When you are traveling at a higher rate of speed your vehicle will typically require an increased distance in order to stop safely when an emergency is perceived.

Crash energy – The amount of energy created by a crash increases exponentially with speed. This means that when your speed is increased by 50%, the increase in energy created is 125%.

Vehicle limitations – Vehicle safety features are improving, however, its important to understand that crash ratings for vehicles are typically calculated at lower rates of speed, high speed impact changes what a vehicle can withstand.

California Highway Accident Attorney

Highway accidents can lead to serious injuries and death. If you have been involved in a highway accident you should work with a personal injury attorney who is skilled in these types of injury accidents. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you and your family get the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries or loss. If you have questions or would like to schedule a free initial consultation to confidentially discuss the details of your case, please contact us at (559) 222-5800.

Highway and Interstate Car Accidents
Article Name
Highway and Interstate Car Accidents
Highway accidents are more likely to cause serious injury or death because increased speeds are typically involved as well as a higher volume of traffic.

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