Fresno DUI Patrol Sweep

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According to the Fresno Bee, the Fresno Police Department operated a DUI patrol sweep on October 22, 2011, in northwest Fresno. In the DUI patrol sweep the Fresno Police Department made 15 driving under the influence arrests. The article does not provide additional details about the DUI patrol sweep, including why the motorists were detained by law enforcement. It is likely, that in most instances, the Fresno Police Department stopped the individuals on suspicion of driving under the influence for minor traffic violations. There is also no record as to how many motorists were stopped and found not to be under the influence of alcohol.

Once the motorists were stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence in the DUI patrol sweep, they were likely forced to perform field sobriety tests. You can see our previous posts on the three field sobriety tests commonly used by law enforcement. These tests include the one-leg stand, walk-and-turn, and horizontal gaze nystagmus. After the individuals stopped in the DUI patrol sweep were required to submit to the field sobriety tests they were likely arrested.

While the article does not specify, the motorists were then required to submit to a chemical test. An individual arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence can elect to submit to a breath test or a blood test. There are advantages and disadvantages with each test. To find out the specific advantages and disadvantages of each chemical test contact a Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney.

The article also indicates that another motorist was charged with a felony hit-and-run. A felony hit-and-run is a serious offense that can include a mandatory one-year license suspension. Whether the individual will also be charged with a felony driving under the influence charge will depend upon all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident.

For additional information on DUI patrols operated by the Fresno Police Department, or for more information on field sobriety tests, and the licensing consequences associated with a driving under the influence arrest, you should contact an experienced Fresno DUI Attorney today.

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