Fresno Drug Possession Charges

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It is against the law to illegally possess drugs; however, possession of drugs with intent to distribute is the more severe criminal offense. If you are arrested for possession of drugs the amount of the drug and the type of the drug are important factors that law enforcement will use in building their case. You may face fines and possible imprisonment depending on the ruling. Drug charges can have a significant effect on your personal and professional life. You should always contact a knowledgeable Fresno criminal defense attorney if you have been charged with drug possession.

Drug possession

In order to prove that you had possession with intent to distribute there must be evidence that you intended to sell or manufacture an illegal substance. Possession with intent to distribute is commonly seen in drug crime cases involving controlled substances such as cocaine and heroin. When determining whether the accused had intent to distribute, law enforcement may look at the quantity of drugs in possession, the purity of the drug, as well as the way the drug has been packaged.

Typically, police officer testimony is used to provide the evidence regarding the possession charge. As mentioned above, police typically base their testimony on the amount of drugs that were found and the packaging that was used. This is where they may be able to demonstrate a difference between drug possession and drug possession with intent to distribute. If the amount of drugs found is inconsistent with personal use, the amount may be circumstantial evidence of a persons intent to sell the drug. These facts will weigh into the courts decision regarding proof of intent to sell, which may include testimony from experts in the field of drug transactions.

Drug possession conviction

If you have been convicted of drug possession charges it may lead to mandatory drug rehabilitation, community service, fines, and jail time. Having a drug conviction on your record can be very damaging for your future if you are considering certain jobs, housing, or education options. Having a criminal defense attorney experienced in drug crimes will help you prepare a strong defense.

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