Suspected Fresno County Car Thief Arrested

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32 year old Robbert Wollert of Fresno was recently arrested on suspicion of numerous car thefts throughout Fresno, California. According to the Fresno Bee, Mr. Wollert of Fresno, a suspected car thief, is currently incarcerated in the Fresno County Detention Facility. Fresno Police believe that Mr. Wollert is responsible for over 1,000 car thefts in the Fresno area.

The Fresno Bee article also indicates that Mr. Wollert was wanted on numerous warrants in Fresno County. In June Mr. Wollert was named the number one “most wanted” car thief in Fresno by the Fresno Police Department. The charges Mr. Wollert fill be facing are extremely serious. The charges will likely include grand theft and grand theft auto. While Mr. Wollert is currently in custody, he will have the right to file a motion in the Fresno County Superior Court requesting to be released on his own recognizance or for a reduction in the statutory bail.

If Mr. Wollert is represented by a Fresno County Criminal Defense Attorney, the Fresno attorney should file the appropriate motions in the court by his first court appearance or, if additional time is needed, request a continuance to provide the court with the necessary information that will allow the court to make an informed decision on the issue of his release. The need for an experienced Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney was recently evidenced by the sentence imposed in Fresno County on a related case.

Recently, Lissett Moreno was sentenced to 19-years in prison on similar charges. Ms. Moreno was also one of Fresno County’s “most wanted” car thieves.

When faced with serious criminal charges in Fresno County, it is wise to consult an experienced Fresno County Criminal Defense Attorney. If you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offense, please contact us today.

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