DUI Defense Lawyer For $99 (Seriously)

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Lawrence Taylor, one of the most, if not the most, experienced and well-respected driving under the influence attorneys in the nation posted the article below on his website www.duiblog.com earlier this week.

“When I first passed the California Bar 42 years ago, it was a violation of the State Bar’s Canons of Ethics to advertise legal services. A simple advertisement on the back of a matchcover could get you a suspension. It was considered undignified and unprofessional.

Times change. Now we have lawyer advertising on television, roadside billboards, the internet — many containing outrageous claims that would shame a used-car dealer.

I keep thinking we’ve hit bottom in my profession, but…..the following self-promotional “news release” appeared on Google a few minutes ago:

L.A. Criminal Attorney Has Cyber Monday Sale — $99 DUI Defense Offered

Los Angeles, CA.  Nov. 26 – The week of Thanksgiving is a great time for eaters, drinkers, retailers and deal hunters – and a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer is looking to capitalize on the revelry by offering a Cyber Monday deal unlike any other before. Starting Monday morning at 9 AM, the SLG Criminal Law Group will offer a $99 DUI defense sale to (alleged) drunk drivers in the Los Angeles area.

“The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the biggest drinking day of the year for Americans,” said Los Angeles criminal attorney Matthew Spiegel, founder of SLG Criminal Law Group. “There are more DUI checkpoints around the holidays, and as a result there’s an influx of people being accused of driving under the influence. With Cyber Monday right around the corner, we thought it would make sense to offer a deal like e-tailers do. Apparently, we’re the first.”

The average cost of a DUI conviction in California is between $7,500 and $10,000, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). This does not include lost pay, medical costs, vehicle damage, personal injuries or additional penalties. If the accused wants to hire a lawyer who isn’t a public defense attorney, the costs are even higher.

“Normally, we charge between $5,000-$10,000 to represent a drunk driver, depending on the circumstances,” said Spiegel, who has represented drivers in more than 400 DUI cases. “So a $99 DUI defense sale is unheard of for a firm like ours – but desperately needed in this economy. Sometimes good people do bad things – or are accused of doing bad things – and this sale gives them the opportunity to have solid representation at a rate anyone can afford.”

The $99 Cyber Monday DUI sale is limited to the first three eligible people who call the SLG Criminal Law Group at (213) 236-3660 after 9 AM on Monday, November 28th. Misdemeanor DUIs only, rate does not include trial. Drivers whose charges involve personal injury, property damage, reckless endangerment and other special circumstances are not eligible for the promotion, nor are drives who have had multiple DUI convictions in the past.

While attorneys in the Fresno area have not advertised to handle driving under the influence cases for $99.00, there appears to be a disturbing trend occurring here as with other counties in the state. Attorneys here in Fresno County are now offering to handle important criminal matters for incredibly low fees. Some firms advertising to handle driving under the influence cases for as low as $699.00.

The incredibly low fees may generate leads for these attorneys. However, the unsuspecting individual who contacts the firm may soon realize that there is a reason the fee charged by the attorney is so low. When hiring an attorney, as with anything else you purchase in life, you definitely get what you pay for….

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