Proposal to Ban DUI Checkpoints in Rhode Island

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The Fresno Police Department is notorious for operating driving under the influence (DUI) checkpoints around the city. Interestingly, the checkpoints are almost always operated at a few predetermined locations throughout the city. One of the most commonly operated checkpoints is near the intersection of Palm Avenue and Nees Avenue.

While the Fresno Police Department claims that the checkpoints are designed to deter driving under the influence, it is more likely than not that the main goal behind the checkpoints is the generation of revenue for the police department. Checkpoints are, for the most part, overly intrusive and ineffective in deterring individuals from driving under the influence.

Recently lawmakers in Rhode Island have proposed a new bill that would prohibit law enforcement from conducting traffic checkpoints to identify individuals who are under the influence. The proponent of the Legislation has taken the position that checkpoints are indicative of a police state. She also believes that there is no reason that individuals should be subjected to governmental intrusion to prove to law enforcement that they are not under the influence.

Whether the bill will pass is unclear. However, the bill suggests that lawmakers may be taking a stand against law enforcement tactics that clearly infringe upon the an individual’s liberty interest.

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