DUI Breath Testing

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DUI breath testing is commonly used to determine if you are driving under the influence. However, DUI breath testing equipment is subject to a wide variety of errors. An experienced Fresno DUI attorney can highlight these errors which may show doubt in the reliability of the results. Demonstrating inaccuracies in the DUI breath testing results may lead to reduced DUI charges or possibly a dismissed case.

DUI breath testing inaccuracies

The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is a measurement that helps determine your level of intoxication. DUI breath testing is the most common way to measure an individual’s BAC. However, testing errors can lead to a false arrest and conviction even with innocent people. This is why it is so important that you discuss your DUI arrest with a skilled DUI defense lawyer.

Procedural errors

As we have discussed there are errors that can cause DUI breath testing equipment to deliver inaccurate results. If proper procedures are not followed problems can arise. For example:

  • Breath testing equipment failure or malfunction
  • Title 17 violations
  • Improper police procedure
  • Misconduct

Title 17 violations refer to Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations which sets the requirements for collecting, storing, and analyzing California DUI chemical tests. If any of these errors occur, a skilled Fresno DUI attorney can challenge the accuracy of the breath test results.

It is important to understand that DUI breath testing equipment must be properly maintained and calibrated. If they are not it is possible that they will return inaccurate results which could lead to a DUI arrest and conviction. An arrest and conviction for driving under the influence can have serious consequences on your personal and professional life.

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