Distracted Driving Crashes

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New statistics were released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that show just how serious distracted driving crashes have become. As many as 9% of all fatal accidents that occurred in 2010 were linked to distracted driving and 18% of all accident injuries in 2012 were associated with distractions at the wheel, too. Back in June we published Texting While Driving which focused on the dangers of distracted driving, we encourage you to read it for more information on the subject.

NHTSA distracted driving crashes report

Distracted Driving in 2010 is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s new report which aims to bring special attention to distracted driving crashes and distracted driving related accidents across the nation. As part of its report, the NHTSA is not just focusing on cell phone use and texting while driving; it also addresses other distracting behaviors. According to the NHTSA a distraction can be any type of activity that diverts a motorist’s attention away from the task of driving.

3,092 people were killed in 2012 in distracted driving crashes with approximately 450,000 people suffering injuries as a result of these accidents. Out of the 3,092 fatalities that occurred in these distracted driving crashes, 408 of the fatalities occurred in accidents that involved cell phone use while driving. It is approximated that 13% of all fatalities in distracted driving crashes are linked to cell phone use.

What defines cell phone use while driving?

In the report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines “cell phone use” as having a conversation on the cellular phone, text messaging (texting) on a cell phone, dialing a number or any other activity that involves the use of a cellular device.

It is true that cell phones are not the only distraction to motorists; however, they are certainly one of the leading distractions in distracted driving crashes. This is especially true in cases involving drivers under the age of 20, where approximately 11% were distracted at the time of the accident. Out of this 11% group of distracted drivers under the age of 20, 19% of the group was found to be distracted by cell phone use in particular.

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