Common Domestic Violence Charges

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It is illegal to commit an assault, battery, or threaten anyone with harm. Depending on the nature of the relationship (for example: spouse, mother or father of your child, partner) domestic violence laws make the allegations considerably more serious.

Being arrested and charged for domestic violence can lead to jail or prison time. When the police are called to the scene of a domestic violence dispute they have specific guidelines they must follow and if an accusation is made the police are required to act to protect the alleged victim in the dispute. What this means is if someone accuses you of domestic violence there is a strong likelihood that you will be arrested. It is important to understand that domestic violence charges are not limited to disputes between spouses or romantic partners. Domestic violence can be charges as either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the injuries involved in the case.

False accusations

It is not uncommon for false accusations to be made when it comes to domestic violence. Ex-partners, family members, bitter divorces, and break-ups are all cases that can lead to volatile situations in which false accusations can be made. All it takes is someone to pick up the phone and call the police to accuse you of domestic violence and you will most likely be arrested and taken to jail. Innocent people can be accused with domestic violence when, for example, a relationship goes bad. An experienced domestic violence defense lawyer will understand these unique circumstances and will explore the relationship you have with the accuser addressing common questions such as:

  • Is your relationship going poorly?
  • Are you going through a divorce?
  • Is there a history of false accusations?
  • Is there an ongoing child custody dispute?

Unfortunately, accusers often use domestic violence allegations to attempt to gain an advantage in family court in cases involving divorce and/or child custody. It is important that your side of the story is heard, an experienced Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney can help.


The male is typically the one arrested in domestic dispute cases and this may even be true in cases where the male was acting in self-defense. Even if you were not the initial aggressor you may be arrested when law enforcement arrives depending on the circumstances of the event. An experienced domestic violence attorney will work with you to determine the events that took place, your relationship with the accuser, and hear your side of the story.

Facing domestic violence charges

If you are facing charges of domestic violence you should take it very seriously. It is up to you to protect your rights by taking immediate action and contacting an experienced defense attorney who has represented clients in domestic violence cases. The Law Office of Gregory W. Fox has extensive experience representing clients in domestic disputes and will advise you on the best defense options that are available. Don’t wait; contact The Law Office of Gregory W. Fox today for your free initial consultation. In most instances an appointment can be made for the same day.

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