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Millions of people travel the roads of America on a daily basis. Unfortunately, with such a large number of motorists accidents can happen. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a car accident it is important to seek the counsel of an experienced car accident attorney. Following a car accident it is important that you act quickly even if you feel the injuries are not severe. Throughout this article we will help offer some helpful advice on what to do after a car accident.

What should I do after a car accident?

Contacting a car accident attorney is very important following an auto accident case, especially if the accident has caused severe injuries to you or a loved one. However, it is most important that you obtain prompt medical attention for any people injured in the car accident. Depending on the severity of the accident you may be taken to the hospital in an ambulance, other cases may require you to visit an urgent care center or see your personal doctor as soon after the accident as possible. You may not realize the extent of your injuries right away; only a trained medical professional will be able to offer you the care that you need.

It is also important that the police are contacted and an auto accident report is filed. These steps will help document the facts of the car accident and determine who may be at fault. Take photos of the damage and whenever possible obtain names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident.

Following a car accident you may also be contacted by an insurance representative, it is very important that you are careful in what you say regarding the accident as these statements may be detrimental to your case. You should always contact a Fresno car accident attorney before giving a statement to an insurance representative.

Compensation for car accident injuries

At The Law Office of Gregory W. Fox we aggressively defend our clients in car accident cases. We pursue all sources of compensation including:

  • All owners of a vehicle
  • Employers
  • Government units and agencies
  • Auto manufacturers
  • Uninsured motorist
  • Underinsured motorist
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of wages
  • Reduced earning capacity

Remember that insurance companies are looking to pay out as little as possible. A competent and reputable car accident attorney will fight to pursue all types of compensation available for you.

Choosing a car accident attorney

We encourage you to only consider well-established and experienced car accident attorneys who are capable of pursuing all claims and compensation available to you following a car accident. We understand that this can be a traumatic time for you and your family; however, it is important that you act quickly to protect your best interests. At The Law Office of Gregory W. Fox we have handled auto accident cases throughout California. If you would like to confidentially discuss the details of your case, please contact us today at (559) 222-5800. In most instances an appointment can be scheduled for the same day.

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