Bicycle Accidents

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Fresno, CA Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Thanks to our desire to pursue fitness-related activities and the expansion of bike trails and bike lanes on streets throughout Fresno, bicycling is more popular than ever. The popularity of the sport is continuing to grow and as a result bike riders need to remember that their safety is not guaranteed as long as they are sharing the road with cars and trucks. As experienced Fresno bike accident lawyers we understand that even though more laws and consideration is being given to protecting cyclists on the road, they can still be vulnerable to accidents leading to substantial injuries compared to the drivers of other vehicles on the road.

Driver negligence can be responsible for causing collisions with bicyclists

Many bicyclists are severely injured due to the negligence of other drivers on the road who are not paying attention or driving recklessly. Because bicyclists do not have the same safety features that are often found in vehicles, they are much more vulnerable to serious and even life threatening injuries. In some cases, there may be multiple contributing factors to what caused the accident which can make it difficult to determine who is financially responsible. From the time that we are retained by an injured cyclist, our Fresno bike accident attorneys begin an investigation into the circumstances that may have caused or contributed to the accident. This may involve bringing in other experts to retrieve evidence from the scene or securing witness statements to assist in obtaining the most favorable outcome for our clients.

Injuries encountered by Fresno cyclists

Motor vehicle accidents involving bicycles can be especially dangerous for the cyclist due to the obvious difference in size and protection. Because of this difference in size and protection serious injuries can occur including:

  • Bone fractures
  • Contusions
  • Head injuries
  • Death

Based on information provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there are over 600 cyclist deaths each year and over 52,000 injured in bicycle-motor vehicle crashes. Sadly, many children can be involved in bicycle accidents as well which can lead to the requirement of ongoing medical care.

Even though Fresno has worked diligently to make the city more bike friendly cyclists that are riding throughout the city and suburbs face dangers while riding, even when legally riding in marked bike lanes and bike paths. Although many injuries can result from bicycle-motor vehicle crashes, the most serious tend to be head injuries. Brain injuries can lead to life-long disabilities and are the number one cause of death in bicycle accidents. Because of the seriousness and longevity of these types of injuries it is imperative that cyclists have knowledgeable legal representation to help them recover financial damages in bicycle accident cases.

As a cyclist, if you sustain a traumatic brain injury, The Law Office of Gregory W. Fox may retain an expert in the field of neurophysiology to explain the significance of the injury to a jury. Due to the nature of brain injuries not all injuries may be immediately apparent and an expert on brain injuries can help a jury determine the personal and financial consequences of such serious injuries.

Bicycle dooring accident injuries

The popularity in using bicycles to commute to and get around in congested parts of the city has lead to increases in the occurrence of “dooring” injuries. If you have not heard of dooring injuries, it happens when the occupant of a car fails to look before opening the door to their vehicle to make sure there are no cyclists in the vicinity. If a cyclist collides with an open vehicle door it can lead to serious injuries.

Ensure your legal rights are not compromised following an accident

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your bicycle injury we invite you to speak with us today. We offer free initial consultations and everything discussed is completely confidential. Before you speak with an insurance company you should very seriously consider speaking with an experienced Fresno bike accident law firm.

How we can help you after a bicycle accident

The Law Office of Gregory W. Fox has successfully represented clients in bicycle accident cases for cyclists in and around the Fresno area and throughout California. We can help cyclists with:

  • Medical Expenses: including past and future care
  • Pain and Suffering: from the time of the incident through the time the injury is resolved
  • Lost Wages: When a cyclist cannot work or return to his or her employment at the time of the accident, it may be possible to recover lost wages
  • Property Damages: a cyclist may recover compensation for damage to their bicycle and and gear damaged in an incident caused by a negligent driver

We can help those who are the victim of hit-and-run accidents or for those hit by someone without insurance. Even though bicyclists may have sustained injuries when they were not in a car, they may be entitled to pursue an under- or un-insured motorist claim against their automobile insurance company. As experienced accident lawyers we can help you decide the best solution and course of action to take in your case.

Whatever the circumstance of your bike accident, we encourage you to contact the team at The Law Office of Gregory W. Fox. Call us anytime to set an appointment or phone consultation at (559) 222-5800.

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