Medical Marijuana

Can a medical marijuana prescription be used as a DUI defense?

Posted April 17, 2016

Under California Vehicle Code 23152 operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is against the law. Being charged with suspicion of driving under the influence does not require much; in fact for the most part prosecutors simply have to have a reason to believe that the defendant is guilty of DUI.…Continue Reading

dui victim

Rules for Police During a Traffic Stop

Posted April 8, 2016

Many of us have been there, we are driving along when all of the sudden we spot a law enforcement officer in our rear view mirror. We look at our speedometer, check our mirrors, try to remember if our lights are all working as they should, and then get that touch of anxiety as to…Continue Reading

The Cost of Criminal Conviction

Posted March 28, 2016

Being convicted of a crime can be an extremely stressful ordeal with both personal and professional consequences. In addition to those consequences, however, there are many costs involved in a conviction that can add up to significant amounts of money. While the old saying goes “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”…Continue Reading

Can you challenge a DUI blood test?

Posted March 22, 2016

If you are arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol you may be required to submit to a blood or breath test in order to determine your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). DUI testing is often criticized as being inaccurate, particularly when it comes to breath tests. In fact, breathalyzer tests…Continue Reading

New California Law Aims to Reduce Drunk Driving

Posted March 14, 2016

Assembly Bill 2121, a new legislative proposal in California, would force bartenders to take a class educating them on detecting the signs of inebriation among patrons who have had too much to drink. Assembly Bill 2121 is known as the Responsible Interventions for Beverage Servers Training Act and has been proposed in an effort to…Continue Reading

Common Legal Terms Used in DUI-DWI Cases

Posted March 7, 2016

Legal terms can be confusing, we understand. There are a number of common DUI and DWI legal terms that can be very helpful to those who have been charged with driving under the influence. Some of the terms refer to the legal process that follows a DUI arrest, while others refer to the arrest itself.…Continue Reading

Gun and Gavel

New California Gun Laws for 2016

Posted February 29, 2016

New laws relating to gun ownership have taken effect in 2016 including Senate Bill 707 and Assembly Bill 1014 which was signed into law by Governor Brown. These new gun laws are an effort to further tighten California firearms restrictions even as California’s are among the strictest in the nation. Senate Bill 707 amended parts…Continue Reading

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